Why Discover CBD Stands Behind More Regulation

     As the hemp industry matures, the government is going to move towards more regulations for us and companies like Discover CBD. We support regulations like the ones set in place by Indiana because that opens up the market to people who are doing it correctly. Most consumers would prefer regulation rather than going through companies that are putting less-than ingredients in, have packaging that doesn't have a clear indication of the what it contains, and companies whose manufacturing process isn't clean. All of these are unacceptable and harmful to people who need healing the most.

     Have you ever heard of research chemicals? They are chemical compounds created with the sole purpose to mimic the effect of different drugs, most commonly cannabis. We do not know what the long term effects of these drugs are, but we do know that they are dangerous right now. I will link a few news  articles regarding the harm  that these drugs have done just in the past year. There are "CBD" companies right now who are putting research chemicals into their vape products. People are dying and the entire industry is in jeopardy over this. A politician now has easy-to-use ammo against the CBD extract industry. This is something we need to stand together against.

     If you have ever bought a product with "hemp extract" in it instead of an amount of CBD you can understand the frustration of trying to dose your CBD accurately. Here in the state of Colorado if you want to sell something derived from marijuana in a dispensary it HAS to lab tested and show its THC/CBD content. There is no such thing as "Marijuana Extract 300mg". Why should hemp be held to any different standard? Discover CBD gets every batch of products lab tested to ensure the products are what we say they are. If you don't see your lab results posted on our website please don't hesitate to reach out! We can get them to you.

     A clean manufacturing process is imperative to putting out a pure and consistent product. Discover CBD just got approved by the Denver Department of Health to sell our products in Denver. At the same time, products were pulled from all around the city for not meeting their standards. We are also one of the only CBD companies that only sells Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment(CDPHE) certified products. We also offer tours of our kitchen at any time for wholesale clients. If you are interested in a tour please don't hesitate to call me at 719-355-9735 or email me at Wholesale@discovercbd.com

     Regulations are important to an industry like ours that is just getting started. As long as capitalism is a thing, there will always be retailers trying to sell a cheaper inferior product. Right now, there is a big problem with misinformation floating around. With regulations and clear information put out by the government, it will be enough to rise above these issues! 

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