June Discounts and Sales

Life has become a lot more stressful and complicated within the past few months for many. As a company, we’re working towards helping many of our customers out by providing promotions that can get you more CBD for your dollar. In addition to our usual discounts, such as our 20% bulk discount for buying two or more tinctures of the same strength, we are also offering a few promotions we are going to highlight in this article. 

Starting June 1st, anytime you buy two or more 120mg water soluble broad spectrum tinctures, you get one free. You’re welcome to mix and match flavor as you like! People love these broad spectrum tinctures for a variety of reasons, such as stress and pain relief. Broad spectrum tinctures come from a whole hemp plant extract without THC. According to the research, this means these tinctures provide the entourage effect. This is when all the components from the hemp plant work synergistically to provide a greater effect. Also, they’re water soluble, which means they tend to have more efficient absorption compared to oil based tinctures. This sale can be a great opportunity to get some CBD for extra relaxation due to the stress of 2020, or a great way to try CBD out for the first time at a lower cost. Even if you just want one tincture you could get all three and share with friends or family members! This discount also stacks with that 20% off bulk discount for our water soluble tinctures! Sale ends June 7, 2020. 

In addition to our tincture sale, we’re offering a set of our new vape juice samples to any vape purchase. This includes two 1mL samples of each flavor of our 600mg Active CBD Oil vape juice line. This can be an amazing way to broaden your vape juice horizons and find out which flavor you like best! Each and every flavor is super delicious, so trying them all out can be a super fun experience. This sale begins June 1st along with the buy 2, get 1 free discount for 120mg tinctures. We will be offering these samples throughout the entire month of June!

Come and get yours today! These offers are only valid in-store at our participating Colorado locations:

Colorado Springs:


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