Product Review: CBD oil Cat Treats

Today I will be sharing our group’s review on Anna’s Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats for Cats . After several weeks of trials, I am pleased to say that our kitties’ love this product! Anna’s Healthy Hemp for Cat’s is only one of the many amazing products from

If you would like to treat your pet with this highly reviewed new and innovative health supplement then Anna’s Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats for Cats is for you! A 50 count bottle of Anna’s Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats for Cat’s is available at for 24.99. Anna's Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats are a unique dietary supplement designed to support the health and wellness of your cat.  With the delicious flavor of Chicken soup for cats, it quickly became obvious our kitties loved the flavor and consistency of this treat.

High in CBD oil, which has been linked with prolonged lifespan, this treat has been shown to reduce anxiety and overall improve the life of your pet. In addition, the oil is also believed to reduce the prevalence of cat aggression issues, such as the urge to spray. CBD is not only good for your cat, and as you already may know, you can take it as well! If this product sparks your interest, check out the many other CBD products at

Taste/Experience 9.5/10

Anna's Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats in Chicken Soup flavor:

When cat’s were presented with the treat their interest was peaked

 It only took a few seconds for cats to begin eating the treat

After about 20 minuets cats showed signs of increased relaxation and comfort.

Overall reviewers (and their owners) loved Anna's Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats for Cats. From over active cats to normal house cats, the noticeable affects it had combined with the ease of giving the treat suggested great outcomes for both pets and owners.

Effectiveness 9/10:

With the ease of giving the treat it was also impressive to see its swift effects. After about 20 minutes, cats showed signs of increased relaxation and comfort ability. For some pets the treat seemed to aide with sleep and napping, no big deal for a kitty right? While overall relaxation and regulated energy levels greeted many of our reviewer’s pets without taking away the personality of the pet you know and love.

Overall 9.25/10:

The results are in and the taste and effectiveness of Anna’s Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats for Cat’s have amazed our reviewers. In all aspects the taste, effectiveness, and over all experiences for owners and pets alike has been resoundingly amazing! Curious about other CBD products? Check out’s blog where we review a new CBD product every week!

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