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Here at, we pride ourselves on carrying the most cutting edge CBD products on the market. We strive to carry a selection of items and ingestion methods that will offer users a plethora of options while they gauge their doses and find out what works best for them. You may notice the “New Products!” tab on our website, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our newest products.

1.) Green Garden Gold CBD Hemp Shot (2oz)

Maybe you’ve been plowing through a road trip and resorted to picking up a 5 hour energy shot at the nearest gas station. While these can offer an initial boost of energy, most find that with a boost also comes a crash a few short hours later. Why not go a more natural route and avoid the crash? This new Green Garden Gold CBD Hemp shot takes energy boosts to a new level. It has a great pineapple flavor, gives you your daily dose of CBD, and is portable for those of you on the go. One 2 oz. shot now on sale for $6.00!


2.) RxCBD Cookies

Edibles are no new news. However, for those needing CBD, picking up edibles at a local dispensary or medical marijuana center most likely means coupling CBD with THC. For those on the job or simply wanting no trace of psychedelic side effects, this isn’t exactly an ideal option. We have the perfect solution—RxCBD Swedish Ginger Gookies with 12 mg of CBD. Take a recipe passed down for generations, over time and reaching new possibilities to take a walk down memory lane though mom’s kitchen. Each cookie contains a generous amount of 12 mg CBD and even a half cookie may suffice while looking for your daily dosage of CBD. These guys have been getting rave reviews, so pick them up while you can! 1 cookie ($10), 3 cookies ($20) and 10 cookies ($60).


3.) Anna’s Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats

Any cat owner knows that these docile creatures can also be temperamental. It comes with their independence. Anna’s Healthy Hemp Sweet Nibbles CBD Treats are unique dietary treats designed to support the health and wellness of your cat. They’re chicken soup flavored and contain hemp oil rich in CBD. When it comes to animal wellness, CBD has been linked with prolonged lifespan, reduced anxiety, and improves your furry friend’s overall quality of life. For those with male cats, it is believed that CBD may help with aggression issues such as spraying. One container of 50 treats is $24.99.


4.) Green Garden Gold Extra Strength Sizes

Green Garden Gold CBD oil is now available in multiple strengths. For many, they have either built up a tolerance for CBD over time or simply need a bigger dose in order to feel effects. These new tinctures are the perfect solution and are available in 300mg, 500mg, and 1000mg portions. These work great for those seeking to make their own vape oil and now you can finally make it at a strength of your choice. Available in Banana Cream Pie, Green Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cinna-Mint and Unflavored varieties. Make sure to shake well before using as separation may occur prior to shipping. 100mg for $28.95, 300mg for $57.99, 500mg for $77.99 and 1000mg for $148.


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