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Today we will be reviewing the PlusCBD oil capsules made by Cannavest Corp.  You can buy a 10 count bottle of these capsules for $44.99 and the 30 count bottle for $77.99 at  These capsules are a best seller and are etremely popular so we figured it was about time to give them a solid review..and have a reason to hand out free CBD capsules.

Packaging 10/10

his product is packaged in a thick glass bottle and has a tamper free plastic seal on the cap. The cap is an easy screw lid that could be opened if you have arthritis or other grasping issues. Under the cap is another seal to guarantee freshness. The label is clear and states clearly what is in the bottle. We really like all the information and detail that has been put on to the label. The Plus CBD oil capsules are non-GMO and gluten free. The capsules are vegetarian capsules made from vegetable cellulose and water. The CBD inside of the capsules is fully decarboxylated and CO2 extracted. The label also states how much CBD is in each capsule (25 mg) and how many capsules are in the bottle (10). Because this label is so detailed and clear and the testers as well as us love the glass bottle we are rating the packaging at 10 out of 10.

Taste N/A

If you have ever taken herbal supplements in a capsule before then you know just how it tastes. There isnt really a just put it in your mouth and swallow. The capsule is a good alternative to the oils and tinctures if you can’t get past the taste. If you took the plus CBD oil capsule with some juice the taste is non existent. Since the taste is just really not applicable here we gave it a N/A, but if we were to give it a number it would be  a 10 out of 10 because not tasting it is is a benefit when your talking about raw CBD hemp oil.

Experience/ Effect 9/10

With the Plus CBD oil capsules being 25 mg, we had a few people try out different mg use. The first tester took one capsule a day for 5 days. This tester noticed that after taking the CBD capsules he was less on edge than normal. The tester also stated that they could focus better and while it was effective the capsules didn't seem quite as strong as the Gold CBD oil in and of itself. The second tester took two capsules a day for 5 days. This tester noticed a tremendous difference after taking the Plus CBD oil capsules. This tester stated that the capsules had a calming effect on him, eliminating his anxiety and was able to help him sleep through the night. The third tester took five capsules in 1 day. This tester also noticed a huge difference after taking the Plus CBD oil capsules. The tester noted that she felt very relaxed, almost like she spent the day at the spa. She also said that her anxiety was completely gone and she felt more “chipper” than usual. All testers said that they noticed results in an hour or so and that they felt a calming sensation initially that often led to general contentment and relaxation. We scored the experience and effect a 9/10 because everyone loved them but they were reported as being slightly less strong than just plain CBD oil Gold.  

Overall 9.5/10

Overall we rate the Plus CBD oil capsules with 9.5 out of 10. The packaging was very clear and detailed, giving the user the information they need. The testers have highly recommended Plus CBD oil capsules and only have positive things to say about the product.  We are sure you too will be satisfied with this product, so far everyone has been.

If you liked this CBD/cannabidiol product review stay tuned.  We review a new CBD product every week on the blog.  Next week we will be reviewing the Green Garden Gold CBD dog biscuits and us and the office dog "Indica" couldn't be more excited.

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