Today we will be reviewing the Green Garden Gold CBD Dog Treats.
You can purchase these dog treats at for $34.95.  Since we already had our office dog in top shape with the CBD oil tinctures for pets we had to give this to someone else with an elderly arthritic dog to test.

Packaging 10/10

These dog biscuits from Green Garden Gold come in a square plastic jar with a twist-off top. Our tester kept the jar right next to their box of Milk Bones and deliver both Milk Bones and the Green Garden Gold CBD biscuits as a morning treat to their elderly dog. The jar is small enough to make opening the jar easy and the plastic is thick enough to keep out their "unruly cats" when they attempted to open the jar for a snack. This product is very well packaged, has all the pertinent info on it and is easy to use earning it a perfect ten out of ten.

Taste 10/10

The bones are small making them the perfect size for large and small dogs alike and have what would seem to be a tasty crumb covering. The bones come in only the one size and have 2 mg of CBD each which would seem to be the ideal amount for most dogs depending on the symptoms they are exhibiting. This is what our tester had to say “Our dogs typically picked these bones over the other bones we give them and ate them with great gusto!”


Experience 10/10

The people who tested this product were very ecstatic with the results. Our tester has a large, elderly dog that is having joint discomfort, particularly after playing or taking walks.  Here is what they told us.

“We started to see marked improvement in his mobility and willingness to play with our younger pup within the first week.....We gave him 1 bone each morning and we were amazed at the difference. I like the idea of treating him with a natural non-GMO product that he seems to love and works”

Overall 10/10

Overall this product gets a ten out of ten.  The packaging was perfect, the taste from a dogs perspective must be good from how fast they were scarfed down, and the experience was seemed very positive according to our tester. If you are looking for a great, natural treatment for your pet, whether for separation anxiety, joint pain or depression, these seem to fit the bill quite well.

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