Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

For anyone who is a smoker and has struggled with trying to quit, there may be a new answer on the horizon. While many former smokers have turned to vaping in an effort to help them quit traditional combustible analog cigarettes, some of those are interested in quitting nicotine altogether. And many are finding relief from an unexpected source: CBD.

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So how does CBD help smokers quit? A study published in 2013 gave 12 smokers a CBD inhaler and 12 smokers a placebo inhaler. The placebo group displayed no difference in the amount of cigarettes they smoked. By contrast, the CBD inhaler group saw a 40% reduction in the amount of cigarettes they smoked. When the study conducted a follow-up, the results indicated that the CBD was able to maintain this effect to some degree even after the cessation of treatment.

Another study recently came out in May of 2018 in which 30 smokers were divided into a CBD group and a placebo group. The CBD group was given an oral dose of 800mg of CBD versus the placebo group after a night of abstinence from smoking. Both groups were then shown pictures of cigarette cues and assessed for their reactions. The CBD group found the cigarette cues and pictures less pleasurable than the placebo group.

CBD research for help quitting smoking

One study showed that CBD could inhibit the metabolism of the endocannabinoid anandamide, similar in mechanism to some antidepressant drugs that are used to help fight nicotine addiction.

If you are vaping already, you might want to try vaping some CBD e-juice instead of, or alongside, nicotine e-juice. Alternatively, a CBD e-juice additive also exists that you can just add to your existing e-juice that is already your favorite flavor. If you prefer to vape pure CBD, CBD isolate slab can be used with a concentrate vape or a dab rig.

If you are trying to quit vaping too, or just prefer something that is less like smoking, CBD can also be ingested orally via tinctures or capsules.

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