New Flavor, Higher Potency E-Juice

Discover CBD has always taken pride in their Active CBD E-Juices with 150 mg of CBD in each of the 3 original flavors. But now, we are even prouder of the new 550 mg e-juice with a new exclusive flavor: Levi's Watermelon!


The new 550 mg e-juice will have a much more potent 18 mg of CBD per dropper full compared to the 150 mg e-juices with only 5 mg of CBD per dropper full. Although this product has only been out for a couple of weeks, Levi's Watermelon is already becoming not only an office favorite, but a customer favorite as well. It's smooth and delicious with a slight sour kick when it first hits your tongue. 



If you want some powerful flavors, Levi's Watermelon will be waiting for you. Whatever your preference, you walk away with a great product and a fantastic boost of CBD.




If you have questions about our products or CBD in general please feel free to contact us via our website, phone 719-358-7553, or email

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