Today we are reviewing Casa Luna CBD Cacao Nibs. In case you weren't already aware, Casa Luna has been making "bean to bar" CBD infused chocolate bars for some time that have been a huge hit at, so when they came out with CBD Cacao Nibs, we just had to get our hands on some. You can buy the CBD Cacao Nibs with 60mg of cannabidiol at for $23.50. 

Packaging: 9/10

The CBD Cacao Nibs are packaged in a resealable plastic bag, keeping the chocolate fresh. This packaging idea works great for when you're on the move.  The testers took these nibs camping, hiking, to the movie theater (Ssssh don't tell anyone!) and just about everywhere else you can imagine besides the moon.  The lettering is nice and large making it easy to read the labels and understand what it is you're eating. There is an allergy alert on the CBD Cacao Nibs that states ‘Manufactured in a facility that uses tree nuts and wheat in other products, on equipment that makes products containing peanut oil’. The label is very clear on what the product is: Casa Luna 100% Organic CBD Cacao Nibs Hemp-Rich CBD 60mg. The testers felt like the only thing missing is a serving size and nutritional facts panel on this product.  While the testers would like to see the nutritional info the ability to open and close this package and the bold lettering makes this packaging top notch; therefore, we are rating this product's packaging a 9 out of 10.

Taste: 10/10

The CBD Cacao Nibs taste a lot like dark chocolate, which makes sense because it is chocolate! The texture of the nibs is almost nutty, with a bit of a crunch but not hard to chew at all. They look like very coarsely ground beans, or chocolate shavings, which is pretty much what the testers were expecting given that they were called nibs. Everyone loved the flavor of these chocolate nibs and even the one tester who didn't like dark chocolate was pleasantly surprised at the earthy nutty chocolate flavor. There isn’t any aftertaste or any remnants of what one might think CBD oil tastes like. They were not too sweet, but were not bland or bitter either; it was the chocolate equivalent of Goldilocks's perfect bowl of porridge. After a very short but decisive discussion, it was unanimously decided these CBD Cacao Nibs deserve a 10 out of 10 for taste.  Basically, they taste awesome!

Experience: 8/10

With the CBD Cacao Nibs being only 60mg of CBD for the whole bag, most of the testers used the nibs as a CBD boost throughout their day. Many users said they liked keeping their CBD levels even throughout the day and like using different products to do so, and the nibs were the perfect product for this. Our testers used the nibs in many different ways; on cereal, in yogurt, in trail mix, in smoothies, on desserts, and even used it when making cookies. One tester did mention that she would have liked to have a higher mg of CBD. After some debate, the CBD Cacao Nibs landed an 8 out of 10, because users enjoyed the mellow CBD boost that the nibs provided throughout their day, but would have liked see a higher mg strength option.

Overall: 9/10

Overall, the CBD Cacao Nibs scored a 9 out of 10! Users enjoyed testing this product and now want more. After this whole experience, it's going to seem odd to go camping without Casa Luna CBD Cacao Nibs, so I see a new tradition starting! The ability to take them anywhere and keep them fresh, coupled with the awesome taste and ability to supplement your CBD intake all day make the CBD Cacao Nibs a new office favorite. Buy some Casa Luna CBD Cacao Nibs and sprinkle some chocolate over just about anything! Or, just eat them raw, you won't be disappointed.

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