Product Review: Active CBD Oil, 125 mg Unflavored

Product Review: Active CBD Oil, 125 mg Unflavored

Are you are looking for results in the categories of anxiety relief, pain management, controlling inflammation or helping with sleep problems? If so, this product may be an effective choice of CBD oils for you. It is working for me.

Let’s begin with the basics. I ordered the product online, from Discover CBD ( in Colorado for $24.99. The package arrived at my home address in Virginia within 3 days with easy online tracking all the way. Virginia is still working on legalizing hemp as a farm crop, so while growing hemp is not allowed, it is legal for me to purchase hemp products.

I like this format of CBD oil. It comes in a 1 ounce bottle with an easy to use dropper marked with the dosage levels. The recommended dosage is .08 ml. and there are approximately 37 doses in the 125 mg. bottle.

I was pleased with the “taste” and texture of the unflavored oil. It was light, and with no aftertaste. The handy dropper made it easy to get the proper dosage for me. I was eager to try this higher concentration active CBD oil, and so was my daughter. We wanted to see its effectiveness for her anxiety and my chronic knee pain. As background, we are both avid kayakers and overall outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to healthful lifestyles. We choose plant-based alternatives over traditional medications whenever we can, and we have been experimenting with variations of hemp-extracted compounds for many months.

The instructions on the label suggest heating in a microwave before using. This isn’t necessary. The only reason for heating is to help everything mix more easily.  Simply, shake the bottle thoroughly and that will work.  The oil does not need to be warm when ingested, it just helps to homogenize the ingredients, especially if you are mixing it into yogurt, juice or other foods.

I tried the oil first at bedtime, hoping for some pain relief, and help with inflammation so I could sleep. This did not happen right away. It wasn’t until the third day that I noticed that I was not feeling any pain. Usually the discomfort was intense enough to wake me up several times throughout the night. By the fourth day, I forgot about the pain completely. Results were more immediate for my daughter. She is still experimenting with the exact dosage for her, but a few drops right before bedtime seems to help her relax enough to fall asleep quickly.

I like the size. It fits into my purse and I can carry it anywhere, even on the airplane. There is no mess or fuss to use, and so far the results are positive for me, and I am expecting more results with the inflammation under control.


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