Erin's Review: Active CBD oil Super Strength Salve 150mg-1100mg



Do you or someone you know suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, inflammation, or skin conditions? Is Advil or Motrin not making the cut? How about trying our Full Spectrum THC free Active CBD Super Strength Salve!  Many people are finding instant relief for a plethora of conditions from arthritis to eczema, sciatic pain to small cuts and bruises. I myself have found immediate pain relief in my neck and shoulder muscles when I apply this topical, and have noticed relief for up to a few hours to the rest of the day before needing to apply again. If you're considering CBD for pain management this is definitely an option. 

What is in this product?

Active CBD oil Super Strength Salve has two different strengths, 150mg in 2oz container for $29.99, and 1100mg in a 4oz container (7x more CBD than 2oz container) for $89.99. It contains only 6 natural ingredients: olive oil, organic beeswax, hemp derived CBD, calendula extract, arnica extract, and rosemary extract. Each of these ingredients have their own beneficial properties that I will lay out for you here:


Olive Oil: Potentially anti-aging, antioxidant

Beeswax: Potentially protects against irritants and allows skin to still breathe, soothes and hydrates, anti-allergenic

CBD: Potentially Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

Calendula: Potentially promotes healing of minor burns, scrapes, skin irritations, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Arnica: Potential natural pain reliever, heals bruises and wounds, protects against infections, reduces swelling

Rosemary: Potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant


How do I use this product?

Product should be applied directly to the skin, and reapplied as needed throughout the day. I apply in the morning to the back of the neck and shoulders and typically do not experience any further discomfort throughout the day. If I do I simply reapply and within 10 minutes I am ready to go again! This product is perfect for skin issues and muscle or joint pains, but since it does not absorb into the bloodstream it will not be the best method for those suffering from anxiety, depression, autism, or any chronic conditions.

The 2oz and 4oz options are easy to carry around in a purse or pocket and have handy when you need it. The aroma of this salve is relaxing as well. Not to mention each batch of salve is tested by 3rd party labs so you know exactly what is in your specific container! If you are used to sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time, neck and back issues can become an everyday problem. This salve has changed my daily life in such a positive way by providing quick yet lasting relief.  If you’d like to give this product a try come in to any of our Colorado Springs or Denver locations, order online at, or call us at (719) 358-7553 to order over the phone!

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