Can CBD Help Broken Bones Heal Faster?

CBD is thought to have many healthful and healing properties beyond its nutritional value as a dietary supplement, and its calming effect on the nervous system. But can it help broken bones mend more quickly? A recent study by research teams at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel, suggest that the potential is undeniable.

Results show that CBD, the non-psychotropic compound in the Cannabis plant, plays a significant role in the growth and strengthening of bones. Scientifically, it makes sense. CBD is classified as a Cannabinoid. There are multiple Cannabinoid receptors in the human body, all involved with many vital and non-vital systems.





In earlier studies, the TAU researchers made the discovery that these Cannabinoid receptors stimulated bone formation and even inhibited bone loss. This led them to investigate further; studying whether Cannabis, or the compounds found within it, could help broken bones to heal.

They found that not only does CBD support healing, it also makes bones stronger during the therapeutic process. In fact, following CBD therapy, bones become more difficult to break. These research studies open the door to future applications of Cannabinoid compounds for treating bone-related diseases, including osteoporosis.

With osteoporosis responsible for more than 8.9 million fractures each year worldwide (that’s an osteoporotic fracture every three seconds) the TAU findings offer significant hope for faster recovery and more positive outcomes overall.

If it seems like we’re excited. We are. As strong advocates for medical research exploring the palliative and curative possibilities of CBD, it is encouraging to see serious advances being made. In talking to the ­experts at Discover CBD , they report hearing personal stories every day attesting to the medicinal benefits of CBD oils, tinctures, balms and other CBD rich products. With controlled studies, human trials and sustained research just beginning to define the scope of these benefits, it is up to each individual to look at the source material and evaluate the facts.

For your reference, a recent article distributed by United Press International, a global news agency, covers the details of the TAU study. You can also read about the impact of CBD on injured bones in publications such as the Huffington Post. On an academic level, the preclinical data published online in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research corroborates the effect of CBD for improved healing for bone fracture. Taken together, the facts indicating CBD is a healing agent are compelling.

On a personal note, my family relies on high grade CBD oils extracted from Hemp for issues related to anxiety, insomnia and a serious knee injury. Currently, CBD products derived from Hemp are the only CBD products that fall within legal guidelines and FDA scheduling. These products are available for online purchase here in the US from companies in Europe and from Colorado-based firms such as

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