CBD & Chronic Pain: How Colder Weather Can Change the Pain

With the colder months approaching, many people will experience chronic pain. Studies have shown that CBD could be the answer to alleviating chronic pain/ soreness. Let’s break down the ways in which chronic pain and cold weather are related as well as how CBD may be the help your body wants.

Science Searches For Answers

Stiffness, aches, and pain can be associated with winter, but how? Science has not found a definitive answer for this question yet, but we know that lower temperatures can cause swelling, stiff joints, and increased sensitivity, especially those suffering from arthritis. One theory suggests that when the barometric pressure changes, the tendons, muscles, and joints in the body expand and contract. Another theory suggests when cold weather is present, our blood flow changes causing blood to focus on important organs such as the lungs and heart, rather than the joints causing discomfort. 

How To Combat Pain

What are some ways you can combat pain associated with cold weather? First, by dressing in layers to keep you warm. Second, staying active to increase your blood flow. Third, introducing CBD into your routine. Based on a study led by Syracuse University in 2021, CBD dulled the participants’ pain based on the actual effects of the CBD as well as the placebo effect. Interestingly enough, the pain was not completely switched off, rather it decreased significantly making it manageable. As the researcher, De Vita, puts it,” [Pain does not have an on or off switch].”

Incorporating Discover CBD

Which Discover CBD products would be best for managing chronic pain that rolls around when temperatures drop? Most customers will lean towards topicals for centralized pain. We have salves available both without and with minimal amounts of THC. In addition to these options, we also offer transdermal patches with lidocaine and a roll-on stick infused with peppermint

Whenever your body gets angsty towards the chilly weather, be sure to consider CBD as a solution. Discover CBD offers numerous options to help you manage your pain. If you have any questions about these products or anything else, feel free to contact us at your local Discover CBD store, online, or over the phone!

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